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obviously ai


Designed a marketing website for an AI data prediction tool that captures their values of speed, grit and creativity.

Problem: Obviously AI was a rising startup at the time and needing some kick ass marketing website to sell their product to first users. They've raised a few investment rounds ever since.

competitor analysis

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Landing page

Landing page

Competitor matrix

Competitors (yellow) and design inspiration (red) on a matrix

Steps section

Process explained

Time calculator

Calculator that shows the value

Marketing tiles

Selling points

Advantages block

Product advantages illustrated

Blog page

Blog page with multiple layouts and tags

Dropdown component

Dropdown component

Newsletter section

Newsletter block

Case studies tiles

Case studies cards with filtering

Integrations page

Integrations page

Student discount section

Student discount

Team member block

Team member

Values section

Values on the careers page

Pricing page

Pricing tiers

FAQs section

Collapsable FAQs

Empty careers section

No opening on careers page

Website footer

Footer with a call-to-action

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