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Designed an online health checkup website that gives personalized disease risk assessments.

Problem: people are afraid of hospitals. They usually don't go until something's bad, and doing routine check ups is also not common if they're feeling good.

lo-fi testing
mobile-first design
leading product team
Landing page

Landing with a fake door that lead to a TypeForm MVP

Typeform survey

Lo-fi testing via TypeForm with organic users from the landing page

Typeform test results

One of the outcomes of testing—mobile first design

Early user flow

Very early user flow chart to understand the structure of the website

First UI approach mobile

First iteration was inspired by hospitals which was supposed to be familiar to users

First UI approach

Turns out hospitals are associated with being sick and we want something opposite

Final UI direction desktop

Another few iterations brought us to this final approach

Test page

General test, that replaced the one in TypeForm. Entry point for the user

Second test question

All of the additional info hides starting on question 2

Test tile

Test cards

Results page mobile and desktop

After completing a test you get your risk group, prevention guide and medical prescriptions

Feedback flow

Feedback was important on the early stages to validate the tests

Risk group blocks

Groups of risk approach makes delivering unpleasant info a little less scary

Empty search on mobile

Search empty state

Different question types

Different types of questions were broken down into 3 layouts

404 page

Finishing off with a cute page

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