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Co-founded a product for one-on-one design duels—a way to grow your skill as digital designer of any sort. Never launched.

Problem: one of the best ways to become a master of a craft is to always practice. One of the way new people get into design is redoing someone else's design 1:1 to understand how it works. This platform gets it one step further with design duels – coming up with a solution and seeing a whole other approach from another designer.

email templates
admin panel design
marketing strategy
promo video

Promo video that was supposed to be used on Product Hunt (and probably in other places)

Landing page

Home page of the website

Duelity word mark

Duelity word mark

Duelity logo

Duelity glyph

Signing in screen

Signing up is as simple as possible

Onboarding screen

Gathering additional vital info right after signing up

Mobile profile and home page

Mobile version

Duel tiles

Some variations of the duel tile

Account drop-down menu

Context profile menu

Part of my duels screen

My duels page

Following screen when not following anyone

New users see popular duels until they follow at least one person

Duel page

Duel page

Can't vote comment window

Users can't vote until they won 3 duels

Duel ended comment window

When voting is ended you can still comment

Work pop-up window

Works open in a pop-up with user descriptions. You can switch between them with arrows

Work pop-up window when scrolled

When you scroll lower some vital info stays fixed

Starting a duel screen

Duel starting page with opponent suggestions based on your skill and a lot of other logic

My duels when all of your duels are used up

Oops, you can only do 3 duels a week with a free account

Uploading work screen

Uploading your work

Uploading work

Different states

My profile

User profile

Empty states

Empty states


All possible notifications

Profile settings screen

Profile settings

Desktop and mobile profile tiles

My profile

Mobile 404 page

Not found


Extensive guidelines

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