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Designed a platform for people with chronic conditions to find products reviewed by people who share the same challenge.

Problem: people with chronic conditions need special care of their health and trust recommendation and reviews from people with similar conditions more than anything else

web platform design

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Condition hub links

Part of the landing page


Play-on-words branding

A part of the landing page

Key difference from competition

Condition hub

One of 6 condition hubs (at launch). Sort of a sub-home page including helpful supplements, products, recipies and success stories

Success stories

Success stories

Success combo card


Product page

Product page. Inheriting competitors design familiar to users while introducing CureRate exclusive features

Hidden reviews

Showing only so much for guests

Opened reviews

Full reviews with conversations for authorized users

Recommendation user flow

Recommendation flow forking into two directions depending on the rating


Hand-drawn icons

Empty state

Solving the chicken-egg problem when there's no reviews

Adding success combination

New success combination form with a real-time preview

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