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better file thumbnails


Built a plugin for figma that creates thumbnails for your files—a task myself, and other people, did manually before.

Problem: hard to navigate through a grid of white rectangles. Creating a file thumbnails helps it become for identifiable and thus easier to find.


8000+ active users

featured by Figma

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Better file thumbnails banner

Plugin cover image

Better file thumbnails plugin UI

Better File Thumbnails UI

Example of a thumbnail

Screenshot of a page created by the plugin

Thumbnail generated

An example of thumbnail

Version history

Better File Thumbnails evolution since the first release on August 15, 2019

User feedback

User feedback gathered inside of the plugin

Feature prioritization

Feature prioritization

Typography choices

Type choices when creating a thumbnail

Color styles & project statuses

Random color from the palette is selected unless a custom one is entered. Also project status!

Other plugin screens

Additional screens/states


User feedback ❤️

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